Need to ask question if xenforo able to meet what i need


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Hi Xenforo Community

I want to create a cms forum website for my community, actually the first one in my mind is phpBB and vBulletin. But after doing research (at least in google) there are many who move from vBulletin to Xenforo for many reason. So here i am asking xenforo community is Xenforo able to meet my need or not.

1. Able to create custom column signup. Because i need the user to put age, city where he live, real name, and other many thing when they register as member. And if possible i want the signup data to be verified by administrator/moderator first before they become a member (optional).
2. Administrator is able to collect data from member. Because we want to know how much member is in each city. I live in Indonesia, so i dont know if Xenforo has list of Indonesia city in the signup process, or i need to create/buy plugin for it. It's preferable if data member collected is processable in the website. But raw csv data that can be processed in microsoft excel is ok too.
3. Well, normal forum website that able what other forum website usually do. Member can post and edit, moderator that can edit what member do, etc etc. If has many custom option it's a good plus.

Is xenforo able to do that from the get go? or i need to buy plugin for that? or try to hire developer to do that for me? what option can i get from Xenforo?

Note : I am usually working on wordpress based cms so editing php or css and deploying on vps isn't a problem for me as long as manual (or at least something that resemble that) exist.


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You can create also custom user fields which will be required to fill out and which can be required for registration. And if you enable manual approval, you have what you want.

2. Not sure what data you want to collect. There is no XF system which collects data about which users lives in which city. I also think this is against privacy laws to collect such data without the consent of people. However you can of course require location in the registration process (see the screenshot the on bottom of it). And people can fill it out. You could probably use this plugin. But there is no data available somewhere where you can look at the numbers. Of course the stuff would be saved in the database, so you would need to write a plugin that processes the data in the database.

3. Yes, XF does all of that and much more.
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That location plugin is really helping. What i am scared with member typing his own city is he/she mistype his/her own city so it cannot be collected from database.

I can write simple program to get specific data from database in Wordpress, i hope i can do this in Xenforo too.

Thank you for your answer, it seems Xenforo is the right choice for me :)