Trying to find a few things for one package do you have what I need xenFORO?

Hello all,

I am looking for a few options to cover the needs of all of my sites.

Currently I operate multiple sites and no forum. I would like to run one forum with multiple sites linking to it, sharing content posts with forum posts etc.

I also need a podcast RSS in my content, and most importantly, I need a content manager.

Is this possible with xenForo or should I keep looking?

Also I would like to recommend making it available for users to read what addon's do beyond their short descriptions, that might have killed some of these questions.


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You can link to the forum from any amount of sites. Depnding on the integration you want, you'll need to see what is available.

I believe Podcast RSSs can be imported; I've never tried one. You can attempt setting one up in a demo.

There is no official content manager that comes with XenForo. You may be able to utilize an add-on or utilize the page system which allows you to create static nodes:
Thanks for the reply, is there a solid integration to Wordpress available? I'm looking for user/content sharing mostly. But I'd like to link multiple wordpress sites to the forum, and by link, I mean integrate. Have specific forum sections setup for each site I'm trying to integrate.


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I believe there are several integrations available. I've never used any of them. However, you should be wary that if you hide content and forums dependent on domain, multiple licenses will be required.
It'll all end up on one domain, my sites will be separate but the forum will be located on the "parent" site, one license needed.

Edit: Of course the one integration plugin that has everything I am looking for, is no longer updated, seems to be the story of my life.
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