Implemented Native Button-like Links

Digital Doctor

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Q: How could this be achieved ?

Method 1: Link Button.

For the Xenforo example above ...
(1) the user would type out the text.
(2) Then they would highlight the text, select the Link Icon, select Link Type: Download.
(3) Done !

Note: obviously these buttons could be skinned !

Q: Could this be achieved with bbcode ?
[button=download]Download XenForo 1.0.4[/button]

Please Like if you want native Xenforo "Button"-Links. :)


Digital Doctor

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Note: this would just be a style change.

The premise of this is to turn LINKs into something that looks like a button.
In the post above you see: Cel Editor Button Management.
Xenforo turns it blue because it's a link.
This idea would just style it such that it looks more like a press-able button.

Digital Doctor

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When you hover over a link ... a button-like orange backgroup appears.
In the image below ... I just added a border.

This request would have links look like that .... and I guess you'd have to add another hover effect (probably a background color change).

You might like my button links as they are easier to see :)