My Xenforo License

So for some reason I cant download addons because it says I dont have a license even though I do so I was wondering how I can resolve this issue my license account is the same as my websites acount


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You need to associate your forum user account with your customer account.

Visit this link - - then login with your customer account details, then in the first field add your forum username - Braintwistah

Click the Update Forum Users button and after 10 mins. or so you should be able to access the licensed customer areas of the XF forums. (y)

Shaun :D

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Chris D

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Yeah as 14DH01 says, you should use the Contact form.

I don't think your license should ever disappear. Even if it expired then it should still be there.

Use the contact form or create a support ticket (if it lets you).


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Ensure you are using the correct customer account details, they aren't necessarily the same as your forum account details.