my host sucks with cpu

So I made the absolutely awful decision to go with host gator. This was my first website and they were great until the busiest peek of our site getting member and suddenly they shut down my site with a few hours warning that my site was "abusing CPU" wow...
How was I supposed to know without at least a 24 hour notice??
Anyways I went with them because they were all I could afford at the time 8.99 a month...ughh you get what you pay for I suppose... id be willing to pay a little more but with all the other monthly bills I can't afford most good ones :( apparently it was my Arrow chat that was taking up crazy amounts of CPU

I have two problems
1) I'm still new and know NOTHING about moving my site to a different host. I'm 100% sure I will mess it up.

2) I need to find a host that does better than give me 25% of CPU.... that's crap...

Take it from me NEVER GO GATOR!

Here is the msg they sent me

Your account has been abusing CPU resources for an extended period of time and has been disabled in order to ensure continued performance stability of the account and server. While we do limit each account to no more than 25% of a system's CPU in our terms of service, we do not actively disable accounts until they greatly exceed that number, which is what happened in this case.

CPU Seconds used in the past hour: 3628.17000000017, 101% CPU
Sun Jan 4 19:01:45 CST 2015
Running Processes:
missx 28531 17.0 0.0 324460 30324 ? RN 19:01 "


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We'd need to know how busy your forum is, etc. in order to suggest a move....

As far as moving, some hosts do it for free if your existing host uses cpanel (that allows a full backup and transfer).
Otherwise you can easily hire someone to do it.

But, yeah, in the end it costs money and time to keep a forum up and running...sometimes a lot. If your forum is busy and can make some $$$ from ads, this helps. But as a volunteer or fun effort, it gets old quickly unless the topic is very dear to your heart.
It's pretty busy I get maybe 16 members a day. It's a role-playing forum so it has alot of people on it 24/7. 3 month period of being open, December was when when our popularity started to rise we have 650 members currently. I'm at least lucky host gator has cpanel :/ so moving is now an option.


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Take it from me NEVER GO GATOR!
Yeah... pretty much anyone could have told you that. As far as getting more than 25% cpu, techinically you will never get that until you are on a dedicated box by yourself. Even with a VPS you are sharing resources. You might get 100% of one thread but if your on a plan that says 8 cpu's your sharing them with other people and you use 100% across say 4 of them, sooner or later your host will complain, shut you down. That isn't a concern at your size. Just don't expect 8 dollar a month shared hosting to put up with it either.

5 bucks a month on digital ocean (or better yet 10 a month on DO, Linode, several others) will cover a site that small. But it means running your own VPS which isn't fun.

As far as arrow chat goes make sure guests cant see it this will reduce the load greatly, especially traffic caused by search engines who care nothing of the chatbox. If it is still a must for guests to see then see if you can do with some caching on that page for guests, which is a bit advanced. We ran into some cpu load issues on our VPS and TaigaChat being exposed to guests wasn't helping at all.


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You don't need a VPS for a 650 member forum, unless you're doing something crazy like image/video conversion or something. Hostgator and other "unlimited" hosts are able to offer "unlimited" everything just like limiting CPU and everything else to the extent you can hardly use any disk space or bandwidth in the first place.

Remember as well that you aren't going to get cPanel with a VPS...not for free anyway. It will cost you an extra $10-15 a month.

Hostgator uses cPanel, so just about any shared host should be able to transfer everything over to their servers very easily. The only thing you should have to do is change your nameservers for your domain, and you're done.