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Lack of Interest Multi-Quote: make [Insert Quotes...] button always available

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by Grover, May 25, 2014.

  1. Grover

    Grover Well-Known Member

    Multi-Quote: make [Insert Quotes...] button always available/support different workflows

    Sorry for the repeat more or less, but I guess it deserves it's own suggestion:

    Since using the Multi-Quote system I experience that XF is more or less forcing us to follow a certain work-flow and it does not match with my own workflow (that I use since forever):

    The steps that I always follow when constructing a new thread or replying to an existing one -when I want to quote several other posts/text-portions- is:

    - I open (or are already on) a new browser tab (1) and start a new thread or Quick-Reply to an existing one,
    - Then I open a new browser tab (2) and find the threads/posts that have the texts that I want to quote and select them by [+ Quote]
    - I go back to browser tab (1) to be able to put the quoted texts inside the Quick Reply area, but that is not possible, since there is no [Insert Quotes...] button available (!), (Just try it, so you can see :))

    There is however a nice workaround, and that is that by pressing [F5] suddenly the [Insert Quotes] does appear in the Quick-Reply area or Create Thread Area in your current open screen in browser tab (1). (However, in the small chance that your post was not auto-saved before, you will loose all your contents by pressing [F5])

    My request is to make it possible to let the [Insert Quotes...]-button also appear automatically in browser tab (1), after we selected posts in browser tab (2) to be multi-quoted. That way the Multi-Quote can also facilitate other workflows then the one presented in the video over here.

    In that video the workflow is to first select all the posts to be Multi-Quoted and then at the end, you can:

    - Click [Insert Quotes...] below the Quick Reply area, but only on those pages where you already selected postings to be Multi-Quoted (or you need to use the [F5] workaround),
    - Or click [Create Thread] (anywhere on the forum) and click [Insert Quotes...]

    So the workflow is the opposite (first select all postings to be multi-quoted, and then create a new thread or new quick reply) of what I am using all the time (first create a new thread or construct a new quick reply and then select all postings to be multi-quoted). I hope there can be found some way that we can use either of these workflows.

    (Also in the same line more or less: Multi-Quote is not available when you edit postings, and that follows the thought/workflow that XF's Multi-Quote 'forces' us or only works convenient if you first select posts and then create a thread. It simply does not work the other way round, if you want to first create a thread and then use MQ on it... or indeed if you are editing an already created thread and want to use MQ on it.
    I never use XF's workflow, but the latter two all the time, so the MQ system in it's current state is much less useful for people who follow a different workflow, than it could be. Hopefully it can be made more flexible).
    Last edited: May 25, 2014
  2. Grover

    Grover Well-Known Member

    Since Burning Board offers so much (4 essential things) on the Multi-Quote level that Xenforo unfortunately does not (yet, hopefully), I was wondering how Burning Board would handle the workflow outlined above, where one starts with creating a post or editing a post and then wanting/needing to insert quotes. (Which I do all the time)

    But it is actually the only level that Burning Board has the same issue as Xenforo when you work with different browser tabs. I am not a technical person at all, so maybe it's simply technically not possible to popup a button in browser tab (1) when you multi-selected some quotes in browser tab (2). Also in Burning Board the workaround it to actually press [F5] in tab (1) the moment you selected quotes in browser tab (2) that you want to apply to your post in browser tab (1).

    Isn't there some way for the software to see/know that you actually filled your quote bank in browser tab (2), (3), (4) etc... and then when you get back to browser tab (1) it shows you this button [Insert Quotes...] (on XF) or [Quotes (x)] (on BB)? The interesting thing is, Burning Board (BB) keeps showing you this [Quotes (x)] button on every new tab you open, but unfortunately not on the tab (1) that you already had open before you started to multi-select quotes. If only on the tab that you already had open (where you are actually constructing/editing your post to begin with, so you need it there!), there could be an intelligent function (again, I am no programmer whatsoever) that displays this [Quotes (x)]-button without having the need to [F5] manually yourself. That will be heaven for heavy quoters like myself :cool:(y).
  3. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    The reason that it shows on every new tab is .... tada - it's a new tab and obtains the info. When you refresh the first tab it does the same thing. Pretty sure that's just the way browsers work. It would require a forced refresh (which could cause problems in and of itself) every X amount of time site wide.
  4. Grover

    Grover Well-Known Member

    Yes, I understand it's the way browsers work, I was just wondering if the software could have a workaround/solution for that so manually pressing [F5] would not be needed anymore? I have no idea what I am talking about (since I am no programmer), but can a technology like AJAX help in this or has that nothing to do with it?

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