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Multi-Quote: make it possible to quote closed threads


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Not that important as there are (from my point of view) more important Quote suggestions already requested, but I do sometimes come across situations that I need to (multi-)quote (parts of) postings from threads that are closed.

This is not possible in Xenforo.

A product like Burning Board (which looks remarkably similar to XF actually) however, does support it:

You just select a portion of the text and immediately a popup/tooltip appears 'Quote Selection':

View attachment 74346

You click this little popup and in the lower right corner you get confirmation that your selected text has been put into the 'quote-memory'

View attachment 74345

Then when you create a new thread, this lower right corner popup appears again, you click it and select the quotes you want in your posting. And yes, it also remembers who the quote was from and which posting it is from.
That procedure also works perfectly on closed threads on their boards. The reason for this I guess is, that in Xenforo the controls that you need (the [+ Quote]) are simply inaccessible for the enduser when a thread is closed, whereas in Burning Board you do not need these controls, since you only have to simply select a text (whether the thread is closed or not) with your left-mouse-button and your control [Quote Selection] pops up very conveniently. Making quoting closed threads a breeze.

I hope to see this in XF.