Won't fix Select-to-quote menu can be hidden underneath mobile browser's text selection toolbar


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When the selection starts at the very top then Chrome and Firefox (probably other Android browser, too, haven't tested iOS) show their toolbar below the selection and not above. The select-to-quote menu is then hidden underneath this toolbar.

1 Usual situation which is just fine.png 2 Selection starts at the very top.png

This is not a big issue I guess because the user can just scroll as a workaround. But it feels a little unpolished still.

Could XenForo move the select-to-quote menu further down when the selection starts at the very top?
As things stand, I don't think we're going to make an explicit change here, though it's an awkward issue. We have no way to know what the browser is overlaying and where it's putting things. We already tweaked this a bit for drag handles, but OS differences (and changes over time) have sometimes still caused issues with this.

What you're proposing could equally significantly disconnect the select-to-quote menu from the selected text and while it might be ok in the given example, if there isn't a browser action there (and we can't know whether there is), there will appear to be a significant empty space which would itself look quite bad.

The alternative would probably have to be an entirely different approach to how we display this which itself would have tradeoffs. So at this time, no changes are planned.
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