Cannot reproduce Multi-quote function in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge

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A user is reporting this. We do not have a lot of users that use Microsoft edge based on looking at our stat connections. This is the only complaint I have received on this. I did a search on here and did not find anything on this. So this is just an FYI, maybe it will be fixed when you are all done with 2.0. So not even sure if this is a bug or not.

Just FYI. The Multi-quote function doesn't work properly in Windows 10 when I use Microsoft Edge as my browser. The quote tab will highlight when you select it from the thread, but when you select insert quotes on the function menu in the reply space, the red tab that opens the window to view the selected quotes does not appear.

The way I get around it is by going to a settings icon in Microsoft Edge that has an option to allow you to open the site in Internet Explorer. When I do this the multi-quote function operates normally.

Microsoft Edge operates 'funky' on many websites. If I have issues (I get alot of 404 errors when navigating on certain sites) then I clean out my history and my cookies OR open the site in Explorer.

Like I said, this is just FYI. I don't know if others are having this problem. If so, there is a workaround, or what Microsoft would call a 'feature.'

Note that the reply function when selected for a particular message, DOES insert the quote properly in the response section when using Windows 10, Microsoft Edge.


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I'm not able to reproduce this on 1.5.15 (EdgeHTML 15). It's possible that there is a change that has fixed this since 1.5.12, though I don't recall anything in particular.

Can you reproduce this on the default style? Can anyone else reproduce this?