Multi-Quote Error

When using Multi-Quote I have just started to get this Error - The selected message could not be found

Nothing has been added or changed to the forum, Reply works fine, but the Multi-Quote does not.

Any ideas on what's causing this?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
That does seem unusual. I recommend disabling all add-ons in the first instance to see if that changes anything.
It is only happening on my admin account. All other user accounts can perform Multi-Quotes, just not my one account.

And just now, I realized it won't let me log out either. I have rebooted my computer, and I am still logged in, which I would expect since I clicked "Keep logged in", but when I click "Log Out", there is a page refresh, but I a still logged in.

I am going to go and clear all my cookies, etc, and see maybe the two issues are tied together?
After clearing my browser cookies, the issue went away. I was logged out when I reloaded my forum, and I could Multi-Quote again.


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I had the problem once where I couldn't log out. I had to reset IE11 to clear it up. Try a different browser and see if you can log out.