Duplicate Moving moderated post to different thread

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This has to have been fixed by now, but I am stuck on 2.1.5a.

I'm just bringing it to attention if it's been overlooked and not fixed in future releases.

If a user that requires moderation posts in thread X and it was the wrong thread so you move it to thread Y prior to approval, thread Y is thrown into moderation as well as the post, even if thread Y was created by someone else.

Chris D

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Generally it really helps us if you can verify a bug report already exists before creating a new one, especially if it pertains to an older version. Or alternatively use the Demo (generally always running the latest stable version) to verify before reporting.

This sounded familiar but it took me a while to find this:

Admittedly it only mentions with deleting in the thread, hence why it was hard to find, but it pertains to any visibility changes - including moderation.