More Practical/Advanced Report System


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I think it is about time XF devs rethink the current report system. The current one is not practical, old school, and time-consuming. In one of my forums, we easily get ~ 100 reports in a matter of a short period of time 1-2 hrs. Clicking reports > go to content > deal with it > back to report > execute the action. I think it would be more convenient and practical to:

1- append active report to content where a reported piece of content is marked as reported, showing the reason as well.
2- append report action (resolved, assigned, reject, do nothing to reported contents, report action can be added as a separate overlay or when delete, edit , warn, button is clicked
3- append the (action bar) delete, warn, edit, spam button to reported content in the report center so action can be taken without going to content.
4- make the comment system in the report center profile like or aggregated so mods can quote each other and receive alerts/notification, current way is the mention system which is again not practical. Mods interacting in the report system be notified when an action is taken.
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