Moderator II, and Regarding Suggestions

It's been just a week since we opened our doors here and in that time has grown at an astonishing rate. As of now, we have 16,807 messages in 1,240 discussions posted by 951 registered members.

In order to deal with this phenomenal volume while continuing to develop the software and get it ready to release, we have decided to appoint a second moderator. Please join me in welcoming Lawrence Kazimer to the XenForo team.

On the subject of the volume of messages being posted on this forum, please bear with us in these early stages. The levels of feedback and visibility we have received are well beyond anything we anticipated when we opened the site. The Suggestions forum already contains 422 discussions and 4,311 messages and going through it all represents a truly mammoth task, which we must do in addition to actually writing the software itself.

We are currently investigating ways to make the suggestions forum more manageable for everyone. If your thread has not received a reply from one of us and should have done, we are sorry and we will try to get around to each thread as time allows. We want to give each suggestion and request the consideration it deserves, and there simply has not been enough time to do that yet with so many being posted.

Thanks to everyone for their messages and support of XenForo.
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