XF 2.0 Question regarding SEO and "empty" posts that contain no text?


Hi all, forgive me if this is the wrong section.

My forum is very heavy on Media, both video and image/gif embeds. Many times users will simply write a title and leave the post body containing the content, either the video or picture(s).

One thing I noticed is that if nobody responds to the thread with actual text, the search engines will simply pick this up as the meta description for the post in search.

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That is typically all that will show in the description section of google for a thread with no text.

I was curious if anyone has any ideas or recommendations on how I can set this to something prewritten that google will then use when it detects that there is no text in the post.

For example lets say its a funny pictures forum category and a user posts a thread called "silly baseball pictures". Then the entire thread is filled with only images.

I could somehow instruct google to do something like

Site Title- Silly base ball pictures

Description - Visit site title for the funniest pictures in the world blah blalah

Is this possible to do in Xenforo?

Thanks so much


To elaborate a little big further, I suppose I am looking for something like Yoast SEO for Wordpress.

Something that will enable me to prewrite my title and description for the various sections of my forum that all of the posts will then use.