Duplicate More information regarding reactions and scores a user has received

Mr Lucky

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My suggestion today is to view more reaction info in a users profile
  • What reactions they received along with the scores, e.g, 12 Likes, 4 Hahas and 98 angries.
  • How many positives, neutrals and negatives.
  • Ratio to posts, e.g. percentage of posts that received likes.


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Yeah, I miss having those stats. Themehouse's Reactions addon used to do that. Hoping they (TH) will bring it back soon with their Reactions Plus addon. Probably much better chance of that than seeing it implemented in the core any time in the next 6 months. ;)


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Similar suggestion has been made before and it was highly wanted by other users as well.


Mr Lucky

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Sorry didn't realise this was a. duplicate, everyone who has liked the first post here needs to also like the first post of the original thread. @imno007 @Asser

My suggestion had a couple of extra suggestions so I'll add those to that thread.