XF 1.0 Moderation Tools

Every forum system needs a good collection of tools to allow moderators to keep the board running smoothly.

With XenForo, we have looked at how this has been done in the past and come up with some new concepts and standards to make the job easier, such as the placement of the inline moderation checkbox right by thread titles, an inline editor for threads and a control panel that follows you around.

I suggest you view this video at full-size by clicking the full-screen gadget in the bottom-right of the video.

Lewis P

Brilliant implementation! I love how everything is in a sensible place, but not in your face unless you want it to be!

Well done! :)


Well-known member
Very sweet (who's doing the talking? :D)

Just replayed it without the 2 year old screaming down my ear... now I know who's talking!


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Awesome! I really like this whole approach.
(And implementation across multiple pages is very handy sometimes.)

Been Told

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And again I find myself thinking:
Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? It's so obviously useful!
But that's just typical for xenForo. It is what all forum software should be. :D