Fixed Missing {replier} in eMail alert

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In the HTML eMail that alerts someone when media is added to an album he is watching, the following phrase...


...with content:

{receiver}, {replier} added media to an album you are watching at {board}.

...misses the {replier}... so that I received an eMail that is like

"User XYZ, added media to an album you are watching at My Board Name."

Also "{replier}" sounds strange to me in that context... if it would be something like {albumowner} I would understand it but what does "replier" mean for XFMG?

Chris D

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This is sorted for the next release; thanks.

The terminology is weird here but it doesn't matter.

The actual problem was we were looking for the "username" on the album record. a) it's not called "username" in MG1, it's called "album_username" and b) we didn't want the album owner information here we wanted the details of the person who just added the media (which may or may not be the album owner).