Add-on Paid - SMS-Email alert system


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Looking for an Alert system that would allow a member of a certain usergroup (Admin/Super Mod) to send an alert via SMS (up to 3 numbers) and an email (up to 3 email addresses).

Function/Alert initiation available via the Moderator ribbon as well as from the ACP or even a Thread in Forum X.

Need to have an option in the user profile to 'opt in' to the system (usergroup specific)

Would be nice to have a thread created with the Alert upon initiation (or visa versa - Thread activates Alert?)

Would prefer to use the XF system email templates instead of the 'Email User' plain text.

PC me to discuss.


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This is really a great idea, of course what would be an even greater idea is if it actually release..


I had this for my vBulletints, and it was very easy to implement because my hoster provided a sms gateway/api ( )

a friend connected an arduino µc with a mobile card shield to his server and used it for sending and receiving commands via sms & calls but he said this doesn't make sense anymore...

he wants to do everything via tcpip (mail/http) because it's much easier and because "all" mobile phones have mobile internet flatrates:D
and you'll get a much easier to read alert/message via mail instead of sms

my 0.02$