XF 1.5 Missing post in migration vb 4.x to xf 1.5.8

IL Lax

Hi all,

On Monday we moved our forums to the XF, everything seemed to go well, until one of our mods emailed to let us know that some of the threads/posts within the previous week were missing. When we looked in the DB exported from VB 4.x the threads and posts were there, but they weren't in the XF DB, has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there anything we can do to get those Threads/Posts back? I would appreciate some direction. Thanks in advance.


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If the complete records were in the database you imported from, there's no reason for them to be missing from XF. If there was inconsistent data (for example, the posts were there but not the thread records), then they would be skipped.

Unfortunately, the only way to resolve this would be a fresh import, which would lose any data since you did the import. (It would require a fresh installation or restoration to a pre-import backup.)