XF 1.4 Import WBB 4.x to XF 1.4.5

Hi all

im raly happy with the setup and the functions from XF 1.4.5 and i want to change to the Boardsoftware from Woltlab Burning Board 4 to XenForo with our Community, but is there also an "easy" way to Import the whole Informations, Users and Threads/Posts?

I've found the WBB 3.x Importer from FAT: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/fat-wbb-3-x-importer.3217/ but im not sure if this work :/

Im looking forward for some ideas or informations ;) Thanks :)
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You would have to contact the developer of the add-on to see if it would work for WBB 4 to XF 1.4.

The only other way would be to go WBB -> VB/IPB/PHPBB -> XF