Migrating from Invision Community 4.x to XF: Downloads?


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I read through the pre-sales FAQ and see the available importers, but am I correct in assuming there's no direct migration path from Invision Community Downloads to XFRM?

On one site that I may be migrating, we use Invision's Downloads app extensively (~150GB of files, some pruning required).

edit: On the other site, it's fine if we have to "lose" the files. They can be re-uploaded simple enough. But there are probably 200+ files on the other site.

I have some more questions, but I'll be checking out the demo tomorrow and that may answer some of those questions.
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That's correct - currently there isn't an import solution for downloads from IPS.

As an FYI, the demo doesn't support importing.
Seems like a sound reason to me. I've got an Invision license for all the modules that I bought off a friend years ago when he didn't want to run a forum anymore.

When I started looking into finally starting my forum after so many years delay, I researched the market, trying out the latest IC, XF and vB and free forums, as well as the costs. The IC renewal was considerably more expensive than the XF purchase and was ongoing, which really put me off. On top of that, XF is actually slicker in operation than IC, just feels more solid and doesn't do anything stupid (here's looking at you vB and your idiotic template problem). Hence, I chose XF and am glad I did.
I wish if importers would be available so that we can convert IPS downloads to Xenforo downloads. I would like to import 2 forums but sadly can't and awaiting since last 1-2 years for importers to be available.

Old question - bumping again if things have changed on XF side.

Still looking for IPS Gallery/Downloads to Media/Resources converter. Thanks
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