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Questions regarding migrating from Invision 3.4.x to Xenforo

I've been wanting to switch to Xenforo for awhile now, however have a few questions.

  1. How long would the data import take if I have over 1 million posts?
  2. I really need to preserve all of the images in the Invision Gallery. Can the images be migrated into a Xenforo media gallery? If so, will the members continue to be able to maintain their own galleries?
  3. How is the support from Xenforo? If there is a problem, will they log into my forum and fix it?
  4. Does Xenforo provide any paid for services such as performing a migration?
Thank you.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It's difficult to put an exact time on it as it depends on a lot of factors but it's going to be several hours at least.

There is a built in media gallery importer for IPB 3.4.

We would log in to your server/installation if the nature of the problem required it. Otherwise there is ticket support and community forum support.

We only offer an installation service, not migration. There are many third parties who offer migration services though.