XF 1.5 Some questions regarding XenForo (Tags, Banners, ect.)


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Hey! I have a few things regarding XenForo. I am an administrator on a certain server, and we semi recently moved from forum accounts enjin --> XenForo due to XenForo being pretty much better.

Okay. so first things first, I will number off each question I do have:

1. Website Tags -
The current tags we have for our website, are very bland and default. We had old tags on our enjin website that we had custom made, but they are more of images.
Our current bland tags --> ( https://gyazo.com/75a918e2c6586a1a484f00c25665dcec )
The Tags we would rather have back are sorta smaller images we had custom made. However when we upload them, they seem to be a little blurry. Any way someone knows why?

We have been searching through, but it seems to be harder than we thought for some reason to change up these tags.
To add onto this website tag problem, how do we move them on our profile? From the first image I provided above, they seem to be going horizontal, and we would rather have the tags going vertical (up and down) Example being in this image (https://gyazo.com/55a7fb0d8f393d30db080f3a5acdb616) I would rather have the tags going vertical where my minecraft character is currently placed in a section under "Tags" and then just move my character down some more.

2. Banners -
We currently have our own banners such as this --> ( https://gyazo.com/44211f4e76fcdd64f31ec5d1bd485f34 )
However, how do we really edit this into something we'd rather want? For example, I would like the admin tag added into this as well (The one I provided in example above) rather than just a banner. Example, mineplex has this. (https://gyazo.com/bac390ffd71b06106c10707eb1a87187)

We would also like our characters linked to our forum posts as well. Take hypixel for example here ( https://gyazo.com/3c45bbc22b387bc5ebc8b27389fb9485 ) and are unsure how to do that.

3. Ingame Stats -
I am not sure if this is a XenForo thing or more just a coding kind of thing, however we are also unsure on how to add your character's stats from the server, linked into the forums account. Example being mineplex here ( https://gyazo.com/3478317b850a348f419e2e591e32ac87 )

If I have any more questions, I will feel free to ask later on, however these were our top priorities. I am thankful to anyone who will read through this whole thing and give some insight on how to get these accomplished <3
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