XF 2.1 Importing "Thank Yous" into XF "Likes" from vB 4.X Post Thank You Hack


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I've seen some previous posts on the forum for importing thank-yous from the "post thank you hack" on vBulletin into XF 1.X forums. Jake I believe had posted some MySQL query code to bring the table content over from a vB database to the XF database.

Has anyone done this successfully for an XF 2.X-based forum?

I noticed that the database table has been renamed "xf_reaction_content" in XF 2.1 from the previous "xf_likes_content" in XF 1.X.

Are there any other things that I need to worry about in terms of inserting the thank you table content into the XF database (practicing on a separate clone of my main XF database until I know things work correctly)? I have a full vB database copy also loaded onto my server.

@Jake Bunce @Brogan ..... any thoughts on this?

The XF 1.5 thread I'm referencing above is located here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/manually-import-post-thanks.86740/



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Does anyone have any updates to this? Anyone done it successfully?

I tried adapting Jake's database query code that was shown in the previous thread, but was unsuccessful in making a successful merge. My vB database is called "vbulletin" and my XF database is called "xenforo" in the query (and on my server).

INSERT INTO xenforo.`xf_reaction_content` (content_type, content_id, like_user_id, like_date, content_user_id)
   SELECT 'post', vl.postid, vl.userid, vl.date, post.userid
       FROM vbulletin.`post_thanks` AS vl
       LEFT JOIN vbulletin.`post` AS post ON (post.postid = vl.postid)
       content_id = VALUES(content_id);

Hopeful that someone can assist with this.



Were you able to resolve this? I'm doing a vbulletin 3 migration, but the "likes" tables are the same in vBulletin 3.11 so your method should work for me too.

Likes are already imported from vBulletin using the Xenforo 2.1 Importer :)
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They weren’t when I did the import with 2.1.0 back in March of this year.

i still have a copy of my vBulletin database loaded on my XF server, but haven’t spent any more time (yet) doing a query that would read the likes and assign them to the appropriate users in the XF database as reactions.
Something for the to-do list.


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I've been playing around with this for some time but have not been successful at pulling the old "likes" into the XF system for the relevant users.

I'm hoping that someone can provide an assist....