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XF 1.4 Moving Thank You Hack to XF

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by TheLaw, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. TheLaw

    TheLaw Well-Known Member

    I'm curious to know how people converting form vBulletin to Xenforo have handled migration of the Thank You hack that is so very popular. On many sites, it functions very similar to a Like. It would seem that many would have (and already may have) created a way to accomplish this. I'm not sure what is connected to what, e.g. Reputation which I think has rarely ever been used on any of my sites.
    I'm curious to know how some of you have managed the movement and whether there are other plugins you may have used in stead of the Like system. My feeling is that Like is what Thank You was all about. Thanks in advance. :)
  2. oman

    oman Well-Known Member

  3. Luke F

    Luke F Well-Known Member

    See here for an import query from Post Thank You Hack to Post Ratings, or here/here for an importer into standard XF likes
  4. TheLaw

    TheLaw Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Yes, familiar with Luke's Post Ratings, which is one of my favorite add ons. And thanks @Luke Foreman for the options. One of these sites probably doesn't warrant the add-on given the nature of the site, so the choice is extremely helpful.

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