Missing "Friends" after import from IP.Board 3.1.4


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I imported from IP.Board 3.1.4 to XF 1.1 RC1 last weekend and a few members have noticed that they don't have as many friends as they had before.

When I've checked against the old IPB friends list they're right.

I wondered if there was a reason why some of the friends connections hadn't been remade?

And also what is the process to manually re-create those connections and restore the "lost" friends?

Shaun :D


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Do they still have some friends? The data is pulled from a cache with their user record, so if IPB didn't keep that up to date then this could happen.

They would have to follow those people again in XF.


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Yeah, most have retained most of their friends, but quite a few have some friends missing.

Could I manually add the data directly to the table/s?


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You could do lots of queries, but it would probably be easier for the members to just update it themselves.

Edit: Then again, maybe not :D


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Fair enough - it's just that in IPB the connection appears to be singular - someone is simply your friend regardless of who has made the approach.

In XF there is a duality - depending on who initiated the friendship. Friends are now split between followers and following - and it's the "followers" that people won't be able to recover for themselves since it requires the follower to, well, follow them again.

You could do lots of queries ...
Since it's only a few people who have noticed (or are bothered) what would the queries be? (y)