XF 1.1 Import issues from IPB 3.1.4


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Currently testing XF 1.1 on our test bed to see what needs to be done prior to converting our IPB 3.1.4 site. I imported the existing database into the test bed. Took a few hours, but there were no errors during the entire process.

I've noticed a couple of things after the process.

1. Forum permissions did not carry through properly as far as usergroup access is concerned. In other words, the specialized forums where only certain usergroups should have access didn't retain those permissions.
2. Thread prefixes are not showing as being copied over. Haven't checked the DB yet (I'm still rebuilding the search cache). But none of the defined prefixes from IPB are showing in the ACP for XF.

Still going through things with a fine tooth comb. Looks like all the posts and users carried over, but even with the permission test button, it's a bit of a pain to go through and test each forum to ensure the proper viewing and posting rights are correct.


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1) You might be affected by this bug:


But you always need to review and test your permissions after an import. Even if all permissions are preserved, they sometimes do not function the same in XF.
Looks like it. And yes, that's why I'm testing first. :D
2) The IPB 3.1 importer does not do thread prefixes.
Oooof. That's gonna smart. >.<

Thanks for the info. Hopefully the permission bug will be fixed before we decide to go live. Still lots of testing to do.