Migrate from PunBB to Xenforo Cloud

User groups are a prerequisite for users.

Whoever does the first import will be able to help with the content you want imported.
I will communicate all my needs with @MySiteGuy and have him communicate with Xenforo for me.

I have submitted a request on his site and I will give him access and let him do my install with Xenforo.

Sounds like he is the most qualified.
You can export the styles and import them after the migration. Same with languages. And you can re-add the addons. The rest, hold off on.
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If you need any other help let us know. Add-on suggestions, etc.

Thank you so much for the help already everyone, I will be sure to ask if I need any more help.

I have a project namepost(.)com which I launched first to get my feet wet, but that was launched as a site to sell.

The NEW dn(.)ca is the site I will be maintaining moving forward.

I learned a lot fooling around with the Xenforo software when I launched namepost(.)com so I will be using my new found talents to customize the new dn(.)ca once MySiteGuy has it all converted.
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