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Hey everyone I have a PunBB forum with about 175 members, 1400 topics and 14000 posts.
The sql database is 26mb and the disk usage is only 80mb because we use postimage.org to host our images.

I have a current cloud account but will be opening a new one for this forum. Is there anyone that is active on Xenforo that would be able to handle the migration for me? I am willing to pay for the time and effort and will purchase a new Xenforo cloud license.

I am familiar with settings, addons etc and can do all that, all I need is for someone to import it and get it running using the default skin.

I can do it most anytime but would like someone that has worked with Xenforo cloud and would be able to handle the details for me. It is important that the person doing the migration understand PunBB which is a fairly small uncomplicated code base.

Please contact me via PM if you have experience doing this.

I prefer to do it on a weekend so I can work on the setup and have it running by a monday.
Can anyone other than Xenforo actually migrate a board to Xenforo cloud.

Don't you need access to the sql database to migrate into Xenforo?

I am ready to start the process, my new Xenforo site is up, now all I need is to migrate.

Respond here to discuss please
Looks like there is an importer here:

I have a custom LIKE script that needs to be exported too

The old forum is at dn(.)ca the new temp address is dn(.)community.forum before it switches to dn(.)ca

Here is what I need Exported...

1. Members Profile
2. Posts
3. Topics
4. Forums
5. Post Counts
6. Join Dates
7. Member Likes count (this is a huge one, will not be in importer script)
8. Member Likes display in each post

I do not need...
1. User Groups
2. Group permissions
I will be making new permissions and groups so no need to export those
I have had contact messages from...


Does anyone have experience with any of them?
I cannot seem to find much info on them and I need this job done correctly.

Any member input would be appreciated
You should open a ticket with XF since this is to Cloud. They will guide you and may even rope in @MySiteGuy. Pretty sure the others that contacted you cannot help with this.

I was thinking the same thing because you need sql access right?

Site guy has been tagged here a few times so I'm hoping he will chime in if he can help.

I don't want to bother him unless it is something he wants to do.
XF will help you in a ticket and if they need him they will ask if he can assist, as seen here:
PunBB is on his list so it should be straightforward, good luck.

Great it's on his list so he can convert it but my board has a custom likes script which needs to be exported as well.
So the like count and the likes in topic would have to appear in Xenforo.

@MySiteGuy can you help with this?

@Brogan can we get started on this if mysiteguy can also convert my likes?

PunBB is at dn(.)ca
Xenforo is at dn(.)community.forum
Submit a ticket once the PunBB site has been converted and we can then coordinate importing the data into the Cloud.

I am currently working on my new forum installing addons, skins, and additional forums.

That should be ok as long as I dont add members and active topics right?
Those settings will not get overidden on upload right?
If you want to preserve IDs, the import will need to be done into an empty/clean XF instance.
If you want to preserve IDs, the import will need to be done into an empty/clean XF instance.

I'm only concerned about member ID's and the new site currently only has admin as member so we can easily overide that.

Can we not just import members, topics and forums?
I don't need groups, permissions, or anything else because I am starting new with those.

That is all I need and I'm pretty heavy into my new setup already so that would cost me many hours of work if I had to start from empty.
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