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As also requested for the Resource add-on (I'm sure there is a better way to say this)
I think this add-on would make better sense, smarter integration if the Media categories / forums layout became alias mirroring my forum. If I create a new forum, this is also created in the Media add-on. This feature could be a yes or no to build it that way.

Thus... no need for me to re create my Media layout to reflect it being in sync with my forum layout.
Please please, someone create an add-on to do this with both the Resource and Media add-ons work like this..
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This is something that I have wanted for many years. Link up categories between content types. If a forum, resource category, media category are all about X, then these should be linked and content should be promoted cross content type.

i.e. show media and resources about X, in the forum about X.