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media management

  1. audiokid

    Media to mirror forum categories and forums option

    As also requested for the Resource add-on (I'm sure there is a better way to say this) I think this add-on would make better sense, smarter integration if the Media categories / forums layout became alias mirroring my forum. If I create a new forum, this is also created in the Media add-on. This...
  2. a.tushkanov

    Multiple tags change

    It is possible now to change only name and description of several selected media. It will be great to have an apportunity to also add/change tags of selected media :)
  3. drastic

    Lack of interest Will it be possible to have MG manage ALL media uploads?

    Is there anyway possible that I could have ALL image/video uploads from forums and @Bob 's article manager be managed by the Media Gallery? Anytime a user uploads media, it is stored in the media gallery, appears as a new media, and users can later place in categories or tag them. Titles can be...