Lack of interest Will it be possible to have MG manage ALL media uploads?

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Is there anyway possible that I could have ALL image/video uploads from forums and @Bob 's article manager be managed by the Media Gallery?

Anytime a user uploads media, it is stored in the media gallery, appears as a new media, and users can later place in categories or tag them. Titles can be taken from the file name, thread/article title, or users forced to name them.

Users wouldn't have to upload them in the manager first, then post them in a thread.

Maybe an option to "push images to Media Gallery" could be implemented?

Image info could also include a list of "places this picture is used" that displays most threads or articles.

It may be a cool way to explore images and reuse them for articles. Might save some server space too.
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I would love a universal media manager with some awesome ability to easily select images for my threads/articles.

need a meme? click insert image, browse the memes already uploaded, and pick one!


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It would be great if media did get added to the media gallery on a user profile basis. So when the user uploads to a thread it gets added to a gallery connected to the user and the username.