Implemented Ability to add new media comments to forum index sidebar and be discovered like other new content


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The recent comments block on the media index is kind of hidden half way down the media index page below all the categories and it's formatting is not consistent with a sidebar block like the new profile posts block.

It would be nice it it was formatted in a way in which to closer match the new profile posts block, with smaller avatars, font and same font colour allowing for more content in the same space whilst being as readable.



This is kind of an aside though, noticed after composing a post for my initial suggestion, which is to be able to enable a recent media comments block on the forum index, similar to the New Profile Posts block.

In addition to that, it would be nice if all recent media comments were indexed and viewable on a 'New Media Comments' page. This would make a lot of the media chat much more discoverable by people looking for recent chat activity (as opposed to purely new media submission activity), thereby increasing interaction and also creating the notion of new comments vs actual new media. It could be reachable by clicking on the title of the recent comments block, or as a tab on the 'Find New' pages.

When searching for new content, there could be a 'New Media Comments' tab that allows easy discovery of new posts within the media gallery.


Similar to the new profile posts page, there could be a new media comments page:

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