Fixed XFMG inconsistent active navigation tab behaviour for What's new: new media / new media comments

Affected version
2.0 (Beta 1) (XFMG)


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Currently here on, the XFMG additions to the What's new system new media and new media comments do not change the active navigation tab to "Media" when I believe it should.

This current behaviour is inconsistent with other areas of What's new: new posts highlights the "Forums" tab, new resources highlights the "Resources" tab and new profile posts highlights the "Members" tab.

But well done to all involved on the release of XF2.0 Beta 1 - it is looking great! (y)

EDIT: @Sim's XFMG bug report could be related.
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I assume you've already rolled out the update here on If so - working as expected now, thanks!