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2.1.6 p1
With the unread filter unticked, it is not showing all comments. It looks like it goes back about a month or less and that's it. Even on this site. There's only a handful from January and they stop and no pagination. I checked to see if it was a setting but it was not.
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I can paginate through threads after 30 days they just have no marking. These have vanished from view. It is not about marking them read or unread. They are not bold or regular they are gone and I wouldn't want to change my read marker setting to fix.

Edit: I think it's reopened thanks.
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This option is used generally for determining when content is considered "new" throughout the system. This behavior hasn't really changed since the original version of XF.
I've unchecked Unread which is the New signifier. They are still not there which is an issue. Perhaps unreported to date but please consider a fix. The unread marker should not be hiding read content. This is not working as intended and forces us to adjust that setting from 30 days to infinity which is not an option.
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Forums have this setting:
A) Thread list date limit
B) Read marking data lifetime
What you are doing here is using B to replace A's function since it does not exist for a media comment list, when they have totally different functions. Thank you if you reconsider.
@Mike This seems to affect the "New media" menu choice as well. But not "New resources" or "New profiles posts". So users can click these menu choices, filter out the new, but only see "all" of threads, resources, and profile posts, but not media or comments. Not fair to just pick on the MG! :ROFLMAO: I'll add this to suggestions. (done)
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