Add-on MG Idea - Recent Media Comments in find-new page & sidebar


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I have an add-on idea for developers who love the media gallery,

We need a Recent Media Comments as a sidebar in the forum list and when clicking on the title, it goes to find/new-posts page



I feel we need this because at the moment the comments are neglected, and there is not even a new comments page


i also feel it's very silly to show "new comments" in the new media tab. since new comments are not new media,

this confuses members and its very hidden, the "new comments bubble"

so this is why this add-on is needed.

so this will be a useful add-on.


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Chris D

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Although there's no easy solution for adding comments into the find-new system, you can actually display the comments block anywhere:
<xen:include template="xengallery_recent_comments_block">
    <xen:set var="$limit">10</xen:set>
    <xen:set var="$title">Whatever Title You Want (you may use HTML)</xen:set>
Just include that template wherever you need it - you may need to do some styling to get it right depending on where you want to put it. It could be added to widget framework or other portal very easily.


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I will give that a shot. tank you sir!!

now we just need a page so we can see all the comments,

i visit a big big forum that uses the media gallery, and i really wish we could see all the recent comments on a page or in the new posts page, i like reading peoples comments especially for specific niche forum that has hundreds of photos,

i dont even go to read the posts in that forum, i just go their to see new media gallery uploads

this add-on works great for the lastest reviews, has a sidebar, same concept except it's for the RM

someone make this!!

tank you everyone!!