Lack of interest "Mark Viewed" & "New Alerts" in /find-new/


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I wish there was "alerts" and "mark viewed" & "mark viewed global" in the /find-new/ posts area.


It would be very useful. I am tired of clicking on some tabs and finding out that there is no new posts.

This suggestion is mostly for the profile posts and new resources tab since you can't marked viewed them.

And a Global Mark Viewed would be helpful,

And in the future if they add more tabs. The alerts would save me time from clicking on the tabs to see if there is new posts. Most times i already read the content, so i feel i am wasting my time.


I am loving the /find-new/ section more and more
i find it helps me keep track of EVERYTHING new that is going on in the forum,
in fact, i don't want to miss anything, i want to see everything little thing going on in the forum, i dont want to miss any drama, i like drama
this way, i also dont have to remember which areas to visit in the forum,
i can do everything from the /find-new/ sections

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