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Problem with "Mark Viewed" link


Formerly Super120
On this forum when I'm on find-new/xxxxxx/media after I click on "Mark Viewed" and confirm the action, the page reloads and a message telling that "You have no unviewed media..." appears.

However on my forum when I'm on news/xxxxxx/photos (yep, route filters) after I click on "Mark Viewed" and confirm the action, the page also reloads however it still display the same media. I need to click on another tab like "New profile posts" and then again on "New media" in order to see the "You have no unviewed media..." (because if I just reload the page it will load the same news/xxxxxx/photos which still shows the media).

What could be going on? Maybe a bug with the behavior of the "Mark Viewed" when using router filters?

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Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Also, what are the exact route filters you're using, as it works fine for me.

EDIT: Actually - you've changed media to photos too, let me test that...

EDIT2: Yep, still works fine for me.


Formerly Super120
Just tested and when I disable this route filter:

find-new/{num:digit}/media -> news/{num:digit}/photos
It works just fine. So is this a bug or a bad route filter?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
You're actually missing a route filter which, although doesn't seem ever-so important, does affect this.

You need to add a route filter for:

find-new -> news

That's why it worked for me.

This is my list: