Fixed Media Block and permission inconsistancy.


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On the front page block there is an image which I wanted to see full size so I could actually see the writing, however when I click it I can not view the album.

I get the 'You do not have permission to view media within this album.'

I don't get why people would upload images or limit who can view them if they are going to post them on this particular site in a public gallery but for all intensive purposes if this is the case and is what happened then I shouldn't even be seeing that image on the front page just for the sake of permission consistency.

If it is taking up one of the available slots in that block where another image could be, the album should be viewable publicly or not displayed there since it has a very limited amount of random images selected.

This of course is my opinion and am not sure if this is intended or what the actual status of the album is since I don't even know who's album it is.


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I didn't bookmark it no, I was on the way to passing out when I saw it, I remember the thumbnail exactly and I know it was in the low 100 (album-name.1XX) and roughly remember the title string so if you think that will help PM me as I don't feel like making guesswork posts publicly.