Random Media block and Widget Framework


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I'm using Widget Framework (2.5.9) and I have enabled the display of the Random Media block on my forum index sidebar:


However the block isn't appearing on my forum index sidebar.

On the Widget Framework I have the following widgets on forum_list:

- Clear Sidebar
- Threads (1)
- Threads (2)
- Users Online Now
- Forum Statistics

I expect the Random Media block to appear before the Users Online Now widget.

Is this easily doable?



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Support for the WF add-on must be posted in the add-on thread.

The fact that you have 'Clear Sidebar' selected could have something to do with it.


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Chris, just one question.

Regarding the guide you linked (which was very helpful), what value should I put in this line:

<xen:set var="$slideWidth">x</xen:set>
It says 160 by default on the guide however looking at xenforo.com/community I can see that each thumbnail is 110px x 110px so should I put 160 or 110?

Chris D

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The default is 160 too, it's also a style property @xengallerySlideWidth

The value is more like "maximum slide width". It is mostly overridden by the responsive nature of the slider, hence they will usually appear much smaller than 160. If the slider was to get bigger, however, the slides shouldn't get any wider than 160, at that point the space between each slide gets bigger, instead.

Long story short: What you're seeing here is the default value of 160 so there should be no need to change that.