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Matching Xenforo & Wordpress Headers+Navigation


Well-known member
Okay, I do not know the most appropriate place to post this question. I wish to develop header & navigation menu to replicate XF header & menu. I've looked at the themes available but couldn't get the following -

  • The pull-down drawer login mechanism for Wordpress.
  • Avatar & stats just below the search box in Wordpress sidebar to replicate XF login.
  • Navigation menu to display alerts & inbox pop-ups along with logout button and quick navigation links in the popup that opens on hovering over the username.
My first question is: Is it even possible?


Well-known member
I think instead of working a completely new CMS (which seems to be one of the top request) and a blog addon; XF could simply provide a way to integrate XF with WordPress. It would make lot of people happy. XF can then focus on improving the forum experience (which already is awesome).