Seeking Xenforo Programmer to assist in Xenforo/Wordpress bridge install


I am currently looking for a Xenforo programmer type person to help me with the installation of a Xenforo/Wordpress bridge. And by 'help me', I mean I'll buy the bridge and I'm looking to hire someone to install it correctly :)

Unless advised otherwise, I'll probably go with XenWord Pro. However, while I am IT literate, I don't want to personally start messing around with two different programs on one root directory.

Currently, I have a Xenforo forum for my gaming community, which we've had for the past 6 years. However, I've always a more dynamic and visual Home page or landing/portal page, which I've build through Wordpress. I don't mind XenPorta 2, but I wanted a more visual experience for our members and visitors.

I currently have a .com site for our forums and I build the Wordpress portal on a .org address of the same name. I don't know personally how to combine the two, that's why I'm looking for someone to hire.

I've pretty much finished the Wordpress landing/portal page. Everything links to where I want it to link to ... with most of the main navigation calls to action on the portal page linking back to the corresponding Xenforo forums page. But there are parts of Wordpress that I will use as well, like the WooCommerce plugins and some calendar/raid programs, as well as the 'About Us' and so forth.

I don't necessarily need a login bridge ... I don't mind if the portal page doesn't require login until they use the forums pages ... but I would like the 'Recent Posts' and 'Recent Profile Posts' etc; to work so that i can have those widgets display accurately on the Wordpress portal page.

The portal page that I'm building is at and my normal forums website is

The site is currently running a custom theme design, but I'll be switching over to a Nulumia theme that I've configured once I get the bridge installed.

I hope all of that made sense. Thanks for the read.