Mark an answer as a solution.


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I find this feature very interesting, it saves time and allows you to highlight the author of the response so everything is fine.

But haven't you noticed that even here on XF, while we are all board administrators, there are countless answers which are the solutions to the questions but which are not marked as such.

I wonder what could be done to avoid this phenomenon and take full advantage of this feature.
How do you get questioners, if any, to mark an answer as a solution?


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  • Send an alert to the thread starter a few days after the last reply if a question thread has received replies but none has been marked as accepted answer.
  • Add some kind of reminder/checkbox for the thread starter near the Post reply button in question threads



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I was thinking about an idea which would consist in triggering a pop-up which would inform the author of the question when this one uses keywords in one of his answers. For example if the OP uses THANKS, OK, PERFECT, I GOT IT the pop-up opens and indicates: Does an answer correspond to the solution? If so, consider marking it as a solution. Something like that...

What amazes me the most is that even here on XF the markup rate does not seem very high... While we are administrators and should promote the features on our own forums. How do you promote them when you don't think about using them?


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There are approximately 700 solutions... For how many questions?
Obviously not all of them have found an answer but I guess there are at least several hundred unmarked solutions and that's a bit of a shame.

Despite everything, you are right, it should become a habit little by little.
But maybe there would be something to be done somewhere to speed up this process.

When were the questions/solutions implemented in XF?


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Is it even meaningful to mark an answer as a solution in a thread? There could be more than one best answer.