Looking for a solution.


Hello. I am currently looking for a solution for my business related to my consulting business. This involves handling a lot of documentation and information where:

1- There are questions from clients that I can streamline if I have a website with articles where I can refer to the most common questions, avoiding wasting time on repetitive things.

2- Request for information. I need the client to know that a request has been made and be able to respond by attaching the information.

I'm thinking about discussion forums, especially Xenforo, because the prefix system it uses allows me to assign and update the status of the request made by the client, for example: "request," "in progress," "completed." I would dedicate a category to "Support" and configure it so that my clients can access it without seeing and interacting with each other.

3- Create a category for articles, taking advantage of Xenforo's article view feature and close the conversation, simply to serve as a knowledge source.

I'm not sure if something similar to my idea has been implemented before or if this implementation idea is feasible.

Thank you.
You should be able to do all of the above with xenForo.
Thank you
Feel free to try it out on an online demo: https://xenforo.com/demo/
Thank you, i am already testing it. It seems capable.
Im trying to figure it out about subtask, I am thinking of using child cateogries as task with subtasks (posts). Something like the pic below. So each forum becomes a "task" and each post a "subtask" of each "task".

Also, it will be nice to type "- [ ] task" and become a checklist.

Thank you
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