Add-on On-Site Resource Promotion Manager - Does a Solution Exist?

Live Free

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I'd like to be able to display resources from specific categories or a specific list of resources similar to advertisements throughout my site. Basically I'm seeking an ads manager for resources to promote forum resources in an integrated way, perhaps as sidebar banner blocks or other banner ads.

Does a solution for this exist? I recall reading a thread looking for the functionality a few years ago but I'm unable to find if anyone was able to implement a solution.

As is, our resource section is very segregated from the rest of the forum. It'd be great to be able to direct members to specific categories, specific resources, or a specific list of resources to promote specific types of content and the resource manager in general.

Suggestions welcome.

Live Free

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A latest / most downloaded resources sidebar block any good to you?
Not quite. Most of my resources aren't downloadable. I'm looking to promote a specific list of resources and randomly promote resources that fall into a specific category.