As designed manifest sends minimal-ui on iOS

Affected version
v2.2.3 Patch 1


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On iOS devices you are sending minimal-ui as display property. This results in opening the App in a normal Safari instance.
It should me standaline as you send it to Android/chrome, then its on iOS also an Instance without Safari Layout and has a way better feeling of being an app, and its what it intents to be. The Browser UI is not needed, you build a good UI.

Chris D

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This is currently intentional.

Unfortunately there's no middle ground between browser UI and literally no UI like there is on Android devices. As noted, more UI devices need to be incorporated into the software to make the user experience better, such as forward and back navigation (that isn't solely gesture based) and functionality for reloading the page such as pulldown to refresh or an in-page button.

This is not a bug but is being considered in the future via this suggestion: