As designed [+quote|reply] popup keeps popping up on iOS


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I love this new partial quote functionality. However, there is an annoyance indeed and in my opinion that would be when you use iOS. I tested this new functionality on my iPad and it's a bit awkward seeing the [+quote|reply] popup immediately the moment you press your finger on the text...and it keeps moving with your finger, until you let your finger go from the keyboard. I don't know what is technically possible or not, but Apple's iOS itself only elegantly displays the iOS [copy] popup the moment AFTER you have selected the text you want. Which is much more userfriendly.
The popup does not follow your finger all the way round, as Xenforo's popup inconvienantly does.
I think from a technical standpoint that's how iOS fires the events.

It is a different behaviour to how it works on a standard PC/Mac.

It definitely only brings up the popup once the selection is complete, but it seems that in iOS that event is fired continuously even while the selection is still happening.

It might be worth reporting it as a bug. It's not impossible that there could be different events that could be picked up for iOS (if they exist) that will be more appropriate, but I would be prepared to see it closed with the "Browser Issue" prefix :)

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You're too quick!

Seems Mike has already confirmed it is deliberate, and down to the default behaviour of iOS.


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I actually replied in that thread to mention that this is expected. Mouse action is a special case that disables it.