Looking for UI.X 2 beta testers!


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Hi all,

UI.X 2 (https://xenforo.com/community/threads/quick-look-at-ui-x-2.126555/) is nearing completion, and I'm looking for beta testers! In exchange for your thorough and detailed assistance, happy to offer a free subscription for access to all themes and add-ons for 1-6 months, depending on whatever level of assistance provided.

Some of the things we need your help on include:
  1. Testing mobile, tablet, and desktop size viewport widths and reporting inconsistencies in sizing, bugs, misalignments, and more
  2. Finding useful settings that are either no longer doable in stock XenForo 2 or simply missing that we need to have - keep in mind these will be debated by our team as we aim to keep UI.X 2 as dry and agile as possible
  3. Testing your add-ons if you are a developer
  4. Testing our add-ons with UI.X, as we will be adding in a few as time progresses
  5. Testing XenForo official add-ons, such as resource manager or gallery (we can install if necessary)
  6. Report any bugs you find to Github (currently we moved to private repo for time being until launch, for which we'll provide access to)
  7. We will provide add-on and .xml to select candidates to test settings, style properties, etc. on your own demo boards - note that this is a private release and cannot be shared with absolutely anyone until it is ready for launch
  8. Issues must include screenshots with every issue and a way to replicate.
  9. We also have a UI.X Pro coming out soon as well, so if you are interested in beta testing this please let us know!
We hope to have product 100% tested and ready to go by XF2 release. We've done our own testing, but its of course a large platform and there are likely to be things we miss.

If you are interested, please PC @Mike Creuzer and include in @Dalton Prock. If we deny access, it will likely just be to us not knowing who you are or something, we will only be choosing those we've seen active in the XenForo community! :) Thank you very much to all that apply, we really appreciate the help!
would've loved to do this but realize how far behind we are. Thanks for all of the efforts you put in to all of your work really appreciate it.
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