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Looking for 10 or so MEMBERS to help me.....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sheldon, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    I have a project starting, but looking for some help.. well, input as it goes. If interested, please contact me. I don't wanna give out too many details in case it is a MASSIVE failure.. haha.

    Oh, this thread needs more [​IMG].
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  2. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member

    Maybe a hint on the possible topic so we know if we'd be interested? :D
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  3. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    If it's what I discussed already then everyone will be interested :)
  4. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is. Already have one done as a preview.
  5. Pope Viper

    Pope Viper Well-Known Member

    I'm game.
  6. craigiri

    craigiri Well-Known Member

    I'm game if it has nothing to do with gaming.....
    (not my area of knowledge)
  7. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member


    How to explain....

    Its more of a feature your site type of thing, for XenForo site owners. Sprinkle in a general bit of a xenforo fansite, a bit of general help and trouble shooting... etc.

    Yes, I realize it is for xenforo sites, addons, etc. Not wanting to take them from here, by any stretch. Its not an Admin site, don't care to talk about someone's vb install, or ipb install, etc. This is entirely XF.

    Again, not sure how to explain, a lot of it will be a "featured" type of thing. I've got some ideas, just gonna take a bit to get started on them.
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  8. Mrs.T

    Mrs.T Active Member

    We would love to help!
  9. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    Ya know what...

    Never gonna find out what XF people want, so there is a suggestion forum up.

    If it takes off, it will take off. If not, it can easily close shop down.


    Opened: About 2 hours ago.

    Finished = Nothing.

    open to all fans of xenforo.
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  10. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    Before the replies of "Nothing is there" start coming... I realize that. :p

    My thing... if this is a site for xenforo fans, you all should have just as much input of what you'd like to see as anyone else. I haven't decided what is going to be on there yet, but a small base has started.

    Either way.
  11. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    There's nothing there man, what's the deal ;)

    I'm in.
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  12. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

  13. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member

    Signed up
  14. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member


    Starting with this concept, but expanding.

    There will be more offered.
  15. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    Ways to promote site, etc:

  16. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Signed up
  17. ibenick

    ibenick Active Member

    Me too!
  18. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member


    Just ideas... feel free to register and chat with us, give some suggestions.
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  19. Morgain

    Morgain Well-Known Member

    I like experimental projects but only if I know what it's about.
  20. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    I think it was explained during the thread.
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