Cannot reproduce Login in or Sign Up not working in IE6


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If you click on the Log in or Sign up text at the top of the page in IE6 - It loads the box for a few seconds before going blank.

Ive attached a couple of screen shots to show what I mean. The delay between screenshot 1 and screenshot 2 was around 2 seconds.

Tested on this very website.



Reeve of Shinra

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I don't think XF is going out of its way to support ie6 bugs although maybe they will take a stab at this one. Does anyone on your site use ie6 still? Its all but vanished from mine.

Lu Kas

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4.6% of my user use it, as some companies still run on ie6 (i know they shouldnt surf at work) ... i dont mind bugs in the style but the login should be possible.